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Prisma Special Effect Colors for architectural aluminium systems

Aluminum facades and window frames are important components in a building construction, for decoration and for protection purposes.

The very high intensity of solar UV radiation in the Mediterranean Region, inspired us to research and develop NEOKEM superdurable powder coatings for architectural aluminum systems.

Our Mesogeios and Sahara powder coating series are based on a superdurable architectural polyester system, certified according to Qualicoat, class 2, by the European Aluminum Association.

Our Cosmos powder coatings series is based on standard architectural polyester system, certified according to Qualicoat, class 1, by the European Aluminum Association.

All three series which constitute PRISMA collection, are created in open collaboration with distinguished architects, decorators and designers.

By using NEOKEM superdurable powder coatings for aluminum systems, we protect and improve the construction aesthetics, giving utility, value and durability.

PRISMA special effect powder coating collection offers:

  • A wide range of 47 modern and classic powder coating shades, suitable for every architectural and decorative application
  • Dynamic shades & intense metallic effects
  • Excellent durability of the powder coating, to difficult weather conditions, retaining its color and gloss level
  • Unique seaside protection , in combination with the seaside class powder coating processing
  • Consistency of electrostatic coating, with NEOKEM premium bonding processing technique, Neobond
  • Outstanding resistance to scratches, abrasion and marking
  • Easy cleaning due to the especially designed chemistry
  • Economy and affordability
  • Environmentally friendly products
  • All Prisma collection electrostatic coating shades, are available in touch-up spray

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