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Marketing Services

The powder coatings of NEOKEM, are directly supported by a specialized Marketing department

• NEOKEM has a dedicated team of expert professionals - consultants, who are there for every need for design, manufacture, and service information on NEOKEM powder coatings for aluminum doors and windows, aluminum systems, decoration and protection of steel structures, industrial products, automotive parts, domestic appliances, office furniture, etc.

• NEOKEM is operating under an organized marketing and public relations plan, that adds value to its customer's final products.

• Communicates through an organized corporate branding, which supports colour systems of NEOKEM, as branded and desired colors for decoration and protection of structures in Greece and around the world.

• Offers a wide range of colour charts brochures and panels. 

• Provides a full range of technical and commercial brochures for all our powder coatings and powder coating systems.

• Organizes specialized informational and training sessions for partners, coaters, architects, constructors, decorators and designers specially oriented to fulfill their needs.

• Participates in major local and international events, such as trade exhibitions and conferences.

• Participates actively in events, of the related sectors, such as architects, manufacturers, decorators and designers.

• Delivers regular, e-Newsletter, with information and consulting about powder paint systems, presentations of synergies based on NEOKEM powder coatings, technological, decoration and protection issues

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